Prepare for Takeoff with Kurvana

  This month, our raffle revolves around flying high and shifting perspective. To enter, simply post a selfie with your purchase and include the hashtag, #preparefortakeoff. If you want to keep your purchase private, send the selfie to, or DM us your image on Instagram. This will automatically enter you into the raffle, to [...]

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Introducing ASCND by Kurvana

  ASCND is a culmination of the latest extraction science, advanced device technology and our full-spectrum oil for the purest expression of potency and quality. The line originated from a small, in-house project to create the most potent vape cartridge available without sacrificing purity or taste. Because highly potent cannabis oils yield subtle taste profiles, the [...]

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Fly over to these collectives and try ASCND today!   Orange County Advanced Holistic Healthcare (Delivery) - Buena Park Prime Holistic OC (Delivery) - Costa Mesa Skunkleberry's (Delivery) - Costa Mesa Cannaluv (Delivery) - Huntington Beach MedExpress (Delivery) - Irvine Bud Man OC (Delivery) - OC Pacific Coast Medical (Delivery) - OC The Nugg Center [...]

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10 Great Works Written With Cannabis

By now you’ve heard, our new KPEN device is built for performance and designed to enhance your experience. However, before all the fancy vaporizers and edible pizza, famous authors in history found ways to enhance their writing performance with cannabis. In fact, you might be surprised by how many literary classics were written on the back [...]

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Find KPEN V2

Our new KPEN technology has launched throughout California! Here are the current collectives with our new product: Los Angeles: Chasewoods - Arleta B-Town - Bellflower Bell Flowers - Bellflower CanEx Delivery - Encino Along Came Mary - Manhattan Beach BOSS Collective - Pomona AHPS – LA Dubai - LA The Cannary - LA Melrose Place - [...]

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Better. Faster. Stronger.

Our New KPEN: A Device Built for Performance By integrating patient feedback and breakthrough technology, we created a device that performs as well as our oil. Our newest KPEN unveils a revolutionary style and user experience while maintaining the portability and discreteness of its predecessor. The KPEN is a unique and fully customized device [...]

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Meet Our New KPEN

True-to-Strain Taste Gets A High Performance Update. Brought to you by pioneers in taste and leaders in quality, our upgraded KPEN makes your vape experience smoother than ever before. We’ve worked tirelessly to remodel our device to reflect the latest breakthroughs in vaporizer technology. Our updated device is fully customized to better align with our [...]

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An Open Letter To Our Loyal Patients

Dear Valued Patient, We are honored you select us to take care of you and your loved ones. Based on recent industry-wide allegations regarding the use of fungicides in the cultivation process, increased sensitivity toward the existence of certain chemicals in cannabis-related products has become a top priority for Kurvana. Please be assured that [...]

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Beyond Sativa vs. Indica

Why does the same oil have different effects on patients? When it comes to the predicted effects of our strains, Citron OG is an enigma because its genetics come from a unique blend of ocean grown indica plants, while its citrusy terpene profile offers a zesty boost to the senses. Of course, everyone’s heard indica [...]

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