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Are your flavors all natural?

Yes. Our Originals line is all strictly cannabis derived straight from the raw material unlike other CO2 processes. Our lab is able to preserve the essential components of the raw flower which unlocks the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, providing the vibrant strain-specific taste and benefits of the Kurvana Originals Line. We also use this proprietary technology to incorporate extractions from other real fruits and botanicals for Kurvana’s Infusions line.

What’s your extraction process?

Whole plant extraction and CO2, we never use butane, propane, pentane, or any other harmful chemicals, ensuring a consistent, all-natural product you can trust.

What do you guys use for your raw material?

Mostly indoor, all California grown. All raw material is always clean and free of microbes, pesticides or toxins.

What battery can these be used with?

We prefer you use the Kurvana battery, of course, but any 510 thread battery between 3.3V and 4.2V works; the optimal voltage is 3.7V.

What do I do if my cartridge leaks or stops working?

Kurvana has a comprehensive exchange policy with all of our collectives. Please visit the collective that you received the cartridge from originally and they will exchange it for a new one at no cost to you.

We are constantly working to improve our quality control and quality assurance protocols to ensure defective cartridges never reach market. We are also taking a deeper approach as we continue to redesign the inner-working of our cartridges to ensure all Kurvana products meet our strict standards and remain best-in- class.

Can a patient buy online or directly from you?

Unfortunately, we are not distributing directly to patients at this time. We may offer this service in the future and will add you to a waiting list if you would like to contact us directly.

Do you have a list of collectives that you cater to?

We are available only in partnered collectives throughout California. Please click on the FIND IT tab to type in your city or zip code to find locations that carry Kurvana closest to you.


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